Mega Thermal Range


The MT75 Mega Thermal offers 24/7 control of odours and harmful bioaerosols in large enclosed spaces including waste storage areas, material recycling facilities, waste compactors and industrial processes. Utilising a hermetically sealed and insulated purification chamber, the Mega Thermal processes contaminated air ensuring optimum dwell time without the need of a fan making it the perfect unit for some of the harshest environments. Features the latest in thermal convection and UV technology to target harmful microorganisms and guarantee odour control making a healthier and more pleasant environment for all and eliminating odour complaints.

We have several options to help support you create a safe sterile working environment. If you wish to purchase an air purifier please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists.

If leasing is a better solution for you, please look at our competitive pricing structure from €3.44 per day.
All leasing or purchasing of our air purifiers is overseen by one of our specialised team members. We hand deliver to you to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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› Control odours 24/7
› Eliminates need for fragrances
› Improves environment for all
› Eliminates customer complaints

Environmental Protection legislation makes it an offence to manage waste in a manner likely to cause harm to human health or the environment, this includes offence to the senses. Businesses that have onsite compactors to manage their waste are all subject to odour control regulations. Cleaning, filtration and chemical dosing cannot control the source of the odours whilst masking odours with strong fragrances will only have a limiting effect.

*Requiries a simple bulb change annually

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MT75 1-3 Year Lease Monthly Cost, MT75 6 Month Lease Monthly Cost, Weekly Lease Cost


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