Healthcare is yet to be transformed by technology



Protect patients and staff from odours, infection and virus to a standard impossible to achieve with traditional cleaning methods..

air steril
High standards of cleanliness, odour elimination and infection control are essential for top quality care in hospitals, care homes, wards, waiting rooms and surgeries. Bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi carried in the air create offensive odours and spread infections..

Air Silent Range

Multiflex Range

Washroom Range

Healthcare Environments

The Air Silent Range has been specifically designed for small spaces such as bedrooms with continuous occupation, it is ideal for residents who suffer heavy incontinence. It does not have a fan making its silent thermal convection operation a favourite with residents and staff who may be disturbed by noisy machines in their rooms. It uses a standard wall socket and once installed, an AS unit runs continuously requiring just one annual lamp change.

The MF Range is designed to control odours in medium to large sized enclosed spaces. It is ideal for reception areas, corridors, dining rooms and resident’s lounges. The units are installed to suit the size of space (20 sq m to 100 sq m) and the level of contamination, they are fan driven and operate 24/7. Once installed they can be easily tweaked to achieve the optimum level of performance and an MF unit requires minimal maintenance and one annual lamp change for years of operation.

The Washroom Range uses the latest thermal convection UV technology to control high levels of odours in smaller enclosed spaces such as sluice rooms, washrooms and any rooms where there is non-continuous occupation. The units are hard-wired to an existing power source such as a lighting circuit spur to operate 24/7. In sluice rooms, the footfall tends to be quite low but there can be a rapid build-up of odour as contaminated items are processed and waiting collection.

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