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Remove bacteria & virus easily inside your home.

Freshen rooms, eliminate pet odours and control infection in your home the professional way with AIRsteril.

AIRsteril specialises in air purification solutions, our aim is to help you improve the quality of air in enclosed spaces by cutting odours and eliminating bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi in the air and on surfaces.

Air Silent Range

Poor ventilation, incontinence and medical conditions create bacteria and in many cases even regular cleaning and disinfecting are simply not enough, the addition of masking agents can make odours worse and do nothing to control the spread of microorganisms. AIRsteril gets to the root of the cause of the problem by controlling the bacteria and viruses, therefore improving the air quality and eliminating mould.

“Apart from removing the odour problem, these machines really do kill the bacteria that produce the odour at [the] source. I have been really pleased with the results.” Mr J Abbott

Eliminate odours & mould !

Provide safe clean air for the whole family

Many of us spend hours cleaning homes to prevent bacteria from growing on surfaces but we do not tackle the bacteria and viruses that are in the ear. Using chemicals and fragrances to mask odours coming from bacteria in the air is a short-term solution and is not sorting out the source of the issue, it is only masking it. In just 8 hours, one bacteria can multiply to 8 million suggesting that continuous processes are required*. AIRsterils technology eliminates the bacteria in the air and purifies the air to provide safe clean air for the whole family.

AIRsterils technology ensures:
– Improved cleanliness by removing all odours.
– Smoker contaminated rooms are rapidly cleaned.
– Improved infection control.
– The need for cleaning chemicals and perfumes is reduced.
– Extended life of soft furnishings.


The advanced technology of the Mega Thermal unit allows the control of bacteria, viruses and moulds both in the air and on surfaces more efficiently than ever before. All of this is achieved without fans and with very low energy consumption. The custom designed Thermal convection system ensures that contaminated air is processed through the unit and achieves optimum dwell time in the purifying chamber.

The Mega Thermal unit offers a unique design without the need of a fan motor or moving parts. All parts which could be affected by onerous off-gassing of caustic materials are encased in a hermetically sealed insulated chamber.

For large industrial sites in the UK and Ireland, we work through our approved partners Dax Airscience Limited who have the expertise to provide all the required support. They offer no obligation on-site surveys with product demonstrations alongside the option of a fully insured installation and maintenance service tailored to each site’s requirements. For more information contact Dax Airscience at 0844 247 8199 or email

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