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Air Purification Technology

Purifi Technologies Limited is a small family-owned business based in Kildare. This company was originally formed to support hygiene within the food industry. Our air purifiers remove a wide variety of bacteria from both air and surface alongside mold and fungi spores. This makes this product an ideal solution for food and safety compliance within the food industry (which includes new BRC standards which have come into play in 2021).

This company was founded at the end of 2019 just before the pandemic change the world. We had secured contract with Air Steril distribute our air purifiers to some of the food companies around Ireland. As the pandemic played out before our eyes, we realized very quickly that these air purifiers we’re a safe solution to combat the spread of virus in occupied space. We also discovered this product could be used in a variety of settings. This led to the creation of Purifi-Air and subsequently Purifi Technologies Limited which is committed to creating a safe environment, integrating modern technology to support indoor environments.

We are committed to providing safe, affordable solutions to all companies. We are the first air purification company in Ireland to offer long and short-term leasing plans which are accessible to all companies. We feel during this pandemic that making these products accessible to all companies helps to create a safe environment for all. We are committed to safety and supporting Ireland getting back to our new normal.  

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